About Us

Terra Intel is a Colorado based Earth & Natural Resources Intelligence Group

...comprised of scientists, engineers, remote sensing professionals, and geospatial professionals focused on
providing clients with integrated high fidelity datasets. Our principal members are also actively involved in research within their respective professional fields.


We design our missions to address clients’ needs and to provide them with the actionable data intelligence to make wise resource decisions. We accomplish our data collection missions by deploying various UAV platforms including fixed-wing and multi-rotor vehicles. Our team also incorporates manned helicopter and fixed-wing manned aircraft capable of carrying heavier payloads for long duration missions. We have the ability to integrate high resolution satellite data for wide-area reconnaissance, survey, and exploration missions. Given our flexible options for mission-specific sensor and platform selection we are able to efficiently perform complicated projects such as large area geo-surveys, geological / vertical outcrop mapping, and natural resource inventories & assessments.

CONTACT US: (501) 231-9035   |  mike.hanley@terra-intel.com